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The Ultimate Guide To A Very Clean Home

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016

Here are a few house cleaning tips which will help you to keep your home clean. These tips are simple and straightforward, so you can try them without putting in much effort. They are generally geared to busy people that find them-self in the dilemma of wanting to live in a perfectly clean house, but not actually having much time to do the chores involved.
Home cleaning tips & ideas

Concentrate On Certain Areas In Your Home

The first point to make is, it’s going to be impossible for a busy person to cover every area of their home on a regular basis. Due to this fact it’s important you work out the most problematic areas and dedicate your valuable time to them, rather than trying to cover the whole home unsuccessfully.


When I walk into someones home and they have dirty mirrors that immediately gives me the impression that I have walked into a dirty home. Fortunately glass is very quick and easy to clean, a little glass cleaner and paper towels and you can complete the task in minutes. There is simply no excuse not to have exceptionally clean mirrors in your home.

Toilet Hygiene

Most of us don’t like to clean our toilets, but it’s an extremely important thing to do because it concerns hygiene. Buy a good cleaning solution and use it twice a day to maintain a clean and shining toilet. You should dedicate some of your cleaning time to give each toilet a deep clean every week.


Cleaning your carpets should make up a large part of your cleaning schedule. Even if other areas of your home are relatively clean, if you have dirty carpets your home will generally look worn and dirty. Carpet cleaning service London is made a lot easier if you actually have a half decent vacuum cleaner. While the outlay can be quite large at first, a good vacuum cleaner is a very valuable tool in your arsenal and a great investment.


Although you are generally going to be the only person that sees inside your oven (unless of course your partner comes round to cook!) it’s one of the most important areas of your home to keep clean. Cooking in a dirty oven is unhygienic. The dirt particles are likely to get inside your food and will often make it taste unpleasant. In order to keep your oven sparkling it’s advised to call in the experts every so often. A professional oven cleaning company can be an inexpensive way to keep your oven like new. If you really haven’t got the budget for that, be sure to invest in some top quality oven cleaner.


While many of us count our pets as members of the family, the areas that they frequent and sleep are often the most problematic in your home. It’s important to keep on top of these areas at all times, ensuring your home both smells fresh and isn’t covered in pet hair or worse.

As you can see dedicating your valuable cleaning time to certain areas of your home will mean your house not only stays clean, but you have more free time to relax and do the things you want to do in it!

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Mission Clean Home: Start With Carpets

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016

Even the most luxurious of homes need cleaning and maintenance after some time. Whenever you decide to put your home through the cleaning process, it is recommended to start with carpets. Carpets are a great way of adding texture and color to your home. However, these floor coverings are also the quickest to get dirty. Firstly, you need to know whether your carpet is colorfast or not. Colorfast carpets do not change or fade when put through the cleaning process. Whenever in doubt, don’t hesitate to call professional Carpet Cleaning – London Clean

Home furniture.
It is necessary to protect your furniture from the stain removers that are used to clean carpets. You can transfer all the expensive furniture to another room and conduct the cleaning process with ease. Once the furniture is removed, you can vacuum the carpet quickly and thoroughly.

People with pets at home are advised to purchase their own home cleaners. This allows you to clean carpets on a regular basis without having to call for a professional. Steam cleaners, also known as water extraction units, are popular among people who clean homes on a regular basis. The device injects a solution into the carpet pile which absorbs the dirt from the material. This solution is then removed from the carpet again. Many machines come with a clean-water hookup which helps you avoid the complications of carrying a hose.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry extraction methods are also a great way of purifying carpets. You can smear a dry absorbent compound onto your carpet and vacuum it after it removes the dirt from the material.The best way of removing stains is by dabbing on the blemish with a clean cloth and solution. Rubbing the stain will cause it to go further into the carpet, thereby, making it harder to clean. It is also recommended to avoid using brushes or bristles for cleaning because these items can destroy the texture of your carpet.

Club Soda

Club soda is a great cleaner for the removal of beer and wine stains. Shaving cream is also an excellent stain remover. Cold water or hydrogen peroxide is mostly used for blotting if a blood stain is to be removed. Many people are unaware of how regularly a carpet should be vacuumed. It is essential to vacuum the entire carpet at least once a week in order to minimize the hassle of washing. Whenever you are looking to clean your entire home, it is important to decontaminate all the carpets first and then move on to the rest of the furniture.

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Smart Home Cleaning Tips: Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016

House cleaning can be a challenge especially if you’ve got a busy schedule. It can also be quite a hassle when you don’t have the perfect strategies in place. You probably spend hours cleaning but never get it done right.

In this article, you will learn the right way to tidy up with these smart home cleaning tips.

1. Dust the Surfaces First

From top to bottom and left to right of the house, make sure that all furniture, handrails, undersides of shelves, TV screens, picture frames, kitchen cabinets, knickknacks and other areas are properly dusted using a dry microfiber cloth.

Dusting makes cleaning with water easier and hassle-free- and the water does not get too dirty.

Holiday House Cleaning Tips2. Pay Extra Attention to Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are certainly some of the most expensive items in your house. Their care and maintenance is therefore paramount.

Although carpets do not soil easily (unless there is a spill), they tend to collect a lot of dust. They are also good at trapping hairs and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. These can increase your risk of diseases, especially allergic reactions.

Some of the best London carpet cleaning methods include hot water/steam extraction, dry/foam extraction, rotary shampoo, and absorbent-pad method. Of course, your choice will depend on the type of material. Follow manufacturer’s instructions during cleaning.

3. Use a Vacuum on All Floor Surfaces

Vacuum Cleaning TipsMost homeowners have the habit of switching from a broom to a vacuum cleaner during cleaning. This is time wastage. Why use a broom when a vacuum cleaner can clean up even better and faster?

A smart move would be removing the broom from the mix by using a vacuum cleaner on all floor surfaces.

To extend your reach during cleaning, purchase a 50-foot extension cord for your vacuum cleaner. It will help you avoid the hassles of unplugging every time to reach corners in the far end. You also get to clean up fast.

4. Get Rid of Clutter

Cleaning can go a lot more smoothly if you don’t have clutter blocking your way all around the house. Keep everything in its right place; from toys, shoes, clothes, utensils… etc. and throw away what you feel is of less value and unusable.

Empty the trash bin and clean it up.

5. Get on with the Kitchen and Bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen require regular cleaning since they are more prone to soiling and worst, bacteria tend to thrive in such areas. To save time, spray a cleaner on the sinks, tubs, and toilets and carry on with other tasks. Get back after about 20 minutes and scrub. The cleaner loosens up the dirt to allow for easier scrubbing.

Once they are clean, disinfect to ward off germs and bacteria.

6. Shine the Mirrors

Getting the mirrors to shine is quite simple. Just wipe using a wet microfiber cloth and dry using a dry one that won’t leave streaks.

Hopefully, home cleaning will no longer be the most complicated task on your to-do list. Be sure to use these smart cleaning tips for a smart home. Check out our latest article on decorative concrete here.

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