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Why You Should Deep Clean Your Home Once A Year

Posted by on Oct 24, 2016

Why You Should Deep Clean Your Home Once A Year

Cleaning your home regularly is definitely a good thing to do. However, most people just get rid of surface dirt and in this respect, your home can be cleaner. It is for this reason that deep cleaning your home at least once a year is advised. This type of cleaning involves greater detail with more attention being given to every area of the house. Deep cleaning requires commitment and time but in the end, you will be delighted to have a sparkling home. In addition to thorough cleaning, disinfecting the areas is also a must with deep cleaning. So why should you deep clean your home once a year? The following are the benefits of going that extra mile to deep clean.

annual one off cleaning

Get Rid Of Germs

The first and perhaps the most obvious reason to deep clean your home is to get rid of the germs. Bacteria and viruses are the culprits when it comes to causing infections. To this end, you will eliminate the hazardous germs while giving your family a better living space free from the germs. Keep in mind that deep cleaning entails disinfecting the house and in this light, you get rid of all disease causing pathogens that may be lurking in your home.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Another great reason to deep clean your home is to enhance the indoor air quality. Carpets, curtains, walls and even furniture that undergo a deep cleaning will be free from dust and other allergens. Consequently, indoor air will be fresher and this is a plus for the whole family. Keep in mind that allergens like dust can lead to illnesses like asthma and preventing this problem is the way to go. In addition, a deep cleaning will eliminate any mold present in the home. It will also discourage the formation of mold. Mold is responsible for a host of respiratory sicknesses.


While undertaking a deep one off cleaning, you will be in a position to eliminate items you no longer use and keep those that you use. This is a sure way to eliminate clutter while keeping the home neat and attractive. Finally, a deeply cleansed home will eliminate stress and anxiety making sure that you and your family are happier. Doing this once a year will also help in reducing repairs and maintenance. Wear and tear is many times caused by dirt corrosion and this will actually save you money. There are many other merits on why you should deep clean your home at least once a year.

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House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016

House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

When most people are asked if they would like to know the secrets of effective house cleaning that doesn’t take up hours and hours of their busy lives they would of course say yes.

The average homeowners are busy people. Full time jobs, kids & pets don’t leave a lot of leisure time. And when people do finally get some spare time, they obviously don’t want to spend it all cleaning their home.

In this article we are going to discuss simple cleaning hacks that can save the average busy home owner hours from their weekly cleaning commitments.

Have Your Tools & Cleaning Supplies Positioned Strategically Throughout Your Home

Cleaning tools for the house.First of all, you cannot effectively clean your house if you do not have the right tools and a full supply of cleaning solutions in stock.

If you have a multi story home, you will want to keep a set of supplies for each floor, so that you don’t waste precious time and energy running from one floor to another just to get the glass cleaner.

This also goes for vacuum cleaner. Have the most powerful one on the floor where there is the most traffic, and keep a lighter one where there aren’t as many dirty feet and paws walking and running over the carpets. But always be prepared to call professional carpet cleaning Wandsworth company.

The same holds true for mops, dusters, and everything else, keep them strategically placed around your home.

Once you have a full arsenal of supplies for each floor, pat yourself on the back, you are already much better off than you were when you had one can of toilet bowl cleaner for three floors!

While different people prefer using different cleaning products and tools, as a general rule of thumb, every household should have the following cleaning supplies:

. All-purpose cleaning spray

. Bleach

. Toilet cleaner

. De-greaser

. Scouring powder

. Paper towels

. Nylon-bristle scrub brush with a short handle

. Window cleaner

. Newspaper for mirrors and windows

. furniture polish

. garbage bags

. mops

. vacuum cleaner or cleaners

Top Tip

A great tip to make your cleaning time more bearable is to listen to music.

Music can really help to keep you in good spirits, especially when you have been cleaning for hours and hours.

The Dreaded Red Wine Stain

One of the most important elements of most peoples homes is the cleanliness of their carpets. It’s most peoples worse nightmare when they spill or see someone spill red wine! While there are many tips and tricks available online for removing this type of stain, the most effective is to use salt.

By sprinkling a thick layer over the affected area and then leaving for an hour will ensure the salt absorbs the wine, making brushing away the dried red wine particles easy. It’s important to note that the quicker the affected area is sprinkled with salt the better.

We hope you have found the article useful and can utilize at least one tip to save you some cleaning time, allowing you to do something relaxing and enjoyable instead!

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The Ultimate Guide To A Very Clean Home

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016

Here are a few house cleaning tips which will help you to keep your home clean. These tips are simple and straightforward, so you can try them without putting in much effort. They are generally geared to busy people that find them-self in the dilemma of wanting to live in a perfectly clean house, but not actually having much time to do the chores involved.
Home cleaning tips & ideas

Concentrate On Certain Areas In Your Home

The first point to make is, it’s going to be impossible for a busy person to cover every area of their home on a regular basis. Due to this fact it’s important you work out the most problematic areas and dedicate your valuable time to them, rather than trying to cover the whole home unsuccessfully.


When I walk into someones home and they have dirty mirrors that immediately gives me the impression that I have walked into a dirty home. Fortunately glass is very quick and easy to clean, a little glass cleaner and paper towels and you can complete the task in minutes. There is simply no excuse not to have exceptionally clean mirrors in your home.

Toilet Hygiene

Most of us don’t like to clean our toilets, but it’s an extremely important thing to do because it concerns hygiene. Buy a good cleaning solution and use it twice a day to maintain a clean and shining toilet. You should dedicate some of your cleaning time to give each toilet a deep clean every week.


Cleaning your carpets should make up a large part of your cleaning schedule. Even if other areas of your home are relatively clean, if you have dirty carpets your home will generally look worn and dirty. Carpet cleaning service London is made a lot easier if you actually have a half decent vacuum cleaner. While the outlay can be quite large at first, a good vacuum cleaner is a very valuable tool in your arsenal and a great investment.


Although you are generally going to be the only person that sees inside your oven (unless of course your partner comes round to cook!) it’s one of the most important areas of your home to keep clean. Cooking in a dirty oven is unhygienic. The dirt particles are likely to get inside your food and will often make it taste unpleasant. In order to keep your oven sparkling it’s advised to call in the experts every so often. A professional oven cleaning company can be an inexpensive way to keep your oven like new. If you really haven’t got the budget for that, be sure to invest in some top quality oven cleaner.


While many of us count our pets as members of the family, the areas that they frequent and sleep are often the most problematic in your home. It’s important to keep on top of these areas at all times, ensuring your home both smells fresh and isn’t covered in pet hair or worse.

As you can see dedicating your valuable cleaning time to certain areas of your home will mean your house not only stays clean, but you have more free time to relax and do the things you want to do in it!

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